sanasn asked, "Hello oxo I would like to request a translation if possible >^< But I kind of got a question .x. Is it free ; ^ ; ?"

Hello! Yes, it is completely for free. :) However, as mentioned in recent asks we answered, we only want to translate stuff from artists that gave their permission to us. If you have a specific request, you can provide us with a link to the artist’s page and we’ll get in contact with them.

- Kei

9.18.2014 4:36 PM
itschristinapost asked, "Can u draw more rin haru I love them"

Well, to make this clear, we do not draw ourselves, we only translate existing doujinshi of Japanese artists.

Generally we do not have a preference for any ship, so it would not be a problem to translate more RinHaru, but it all depends on whether we can get permission to translate from the artists. Sadly, we’re still waiting for positive feedback. Please stay tuned, we’ll do our best!

- Kei

Anonymous asked, "i love you <3"

Thank you!<3

ellie-beilschmidt asked, "Do you guys still take requests? :3"

Sorry for the late reply! We are still waiting for the feedback from some artists, as we’d like to have their permission before translating anything from now on. You can send us a request and we’ll try to get back to the artist, then we’ll see about it. :3


Anonymous asked, "excited for season 2!!!??!"

We definitely are!!

- Kei

Original: #04エンドカード  | Translated: girlslostintranslation

[Permission granted by artist to post and translate, do NOT remove source or repost]

Original: フリー!ログ | Translated: girlslostintranslation

[Permission granted by artist to post and translate, do NOT remove source or repost]

Original: あさのごあいさつ | Translated: girlslostintranslation

[Permission granted by artist to post and translate, do NOT remove source or repost]


So I wanna start by saying thank you to all our lovely followers, old and new, who have supported us thus far, we wouldn’t be here without you guys!

Now as you might have noticed the number of releases has been pretty irregular recently and that is due to a combination of different things. The usual obstacles of work and school were to be expected, but all three members of the GLIT team have also come to an important decision somewhat recently that has slowed us down quite a bit.

When we started out we promised to source the art of anything we choose to edit, which looking back now wasn’t right. After one of our followers brought it to our attention that we should really be asking each individual artist for their permission to post and edit their art it forced us to realize that taking the artist work and posting it, even with sourcing, really wasn’t okay. Seeing the error of our ways, we are now only posting artwork that we have gotten permission from the artist to not only post, but edit.

How does this effect you guys? Well, since we are only editing new artwork after gaining the artist permission in the future we are also going back and contacting the artist of pieces we have already edited and asking for permission. If we get any negative responses from those artist then we will be taking those translations down.

Also requests are encourages, but please be patient with us when it comes to turn around time as sometimes it takes several days for artist to get back to us.

Thanks for understanding!


Original: まこはる詰め | Translated: girlslostintransaltion | Requested by: thelumpyabyss